My name is Liz Burton a retired doctor who practised as a family doctor in Dorset, UK. After 31 years I decided to break out of a regimented lifestyle and start to explore some of the things that interest me and have a simpler lifestyle. Our interests include travelling, trekking and traditional Irish music.

This little website is where we will both try to record our thoughts. In November 2010 we moved to a smallholding near Llandeilo, in Wales. We have no previous connection with this area and having discovered it’s beauty we fell in love with this amazing valley with the river running through it where the the only sounds are, the river, the Buzzards and Red Kites. We are also slightly obsessed about Irish music, particularly the music from East Clare; we can often be found at festivals in Feakle, Corofin and Tulla.

At the time of updating this we have now been here for nearly nine years (very scary where that time went!) and it certainly has been a great move and a brilliant change to our lives. There is certainly more to life than the ‘work treadmill’ that we all can so easily get ensnared in. So far it has been probably the best thing we have ever done.

The time and freedom to think has been a revelation to us and slowly the ‘scales are beginning to fall from our eyes’ as we start to work out what the hell is going on in the world with fantasy propaganda like The White Helmets in Syria and the global ‘Green’ movement headed by Greta Thunberg. People are being ‘played’ big time and they don’t even know it; they are just shopping to buy more crap to ‘make them happy’ and keep the establishment very happy.

John and Liz
The Two of Us

I am married to John (above) who has also retired and who has previously been a farmer, dog warden, environmental health officer and a photographer.

John is quite an ‘acquired’ taste and can hold (what some would see as) quite controversial views about subjects like religion, city bankers, the royal family, supermarkets, the military industrial complex and the consumer society in general! As an atheist he views religion and, in particular, the indoctrination of vulnerable young minds as an evil bordering on child abuse. Whilst having no issues about what individuals believe religion is, as far as we are concerned, just codified superstitious stories made up by other people and it has no place being foisted on people particularly when it is funded by the state. As for homoeopaths, magnetic bracelets and celebrities don’t even get John started!

“I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours”- Stephen Roberts

Having got that out of the way – and if you do believe in a god; well no problem we’re still quite happy to say hi and have a chat.

Our House in the Snow 2010
Our House in the Snow 2010

We will try and keep the site updated (Edit we really have failed miserably at this) with what we are doing and sometimes give you our thoughts from time to time and show you some of the things that interest us.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Stumbled upon your site somehow and saw lots of common interests…we have accoustic music nights here, I play in bath based irish band who play at Druidstone Hotel on March 17th 2012, as they have done for 30 odd years, and we went to Kerry three times in the past. Anyway you’re not too far away and our paths may cross sometime in the future. Good luck with your project

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Celtic music is harder than I thought to find here in Wales – so happy to here of any local events!

  2. Good blog and interesting read! Ireland is famous for many things, including its rich culture and of course fantastic Irish music. Irish music has had a massive influence worldwide on the musical stage, producing some of the finest and most respected songwriters. Long live Irelands rich cultural history!

  3. Great site, a credit to both of you. It’s a bit spooky that you both appear to be very similar in age views and outlook to us…excluding the smallholding….but including the campervan! ….We even make ‘robust’ seville marmalade,( not the same way) with a hint of chilli to perk it up even more! Great photos, we are keen on photography…but not so keen on using Photoshop as a sub for a good photo. Enjoy the Spring!

  4. hi,
    i just stumbled accross your website while i was looking for smallholdings in wales, i’m an itu nurse who wants to start a new life and business with my family in wales. i was just wondering how you found when you moved and are there areas that are better than others?


  5. Hi both,

    I love the images of Wales on your site.

    Would it be ok if I was to use some of your photos as inspiration to practice some of my painting skills on, and try and capture the scene in art.
    I teach art in the community and this would be a challenge for them also.

    Thanks again


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