Christmas 2010

We did have a very short respite in the weather for a few days but the cold weather soon returned well before Christmas. Luckily we have a Landrover which was a godsend in this weather and we were able to get out. However, no deliveries were possible so we have been limited as to what we can do regarding sorting ourselves out here.Whilst we don’t celebrate Christmas in a big way we have been busy sending out Christmas cards etc. Our friend, Mark farmer, kindly did a cartoon of us (also featuring Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill).

Our Christmas Card Drawn by our Friend Mark Farmer
Our Christmas Card Drawn by our Friend Mark Farmer

Jonathan, our son, made it over from Santiago de Compostela in Spain for Christmas.. We thought he may have had difficulties firstly with the Spanish Air Traffic controllers striking and then with airports being closed due to the weather. We had a quiet few days just exploring the area visiting Llandeilo walking in Dinefwr Park nearby which has some lovely views and nice old ruined castle. Following that we had a good lunch in the Angel Inn in Landeilo which is a great pub and does good food.


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